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The Classic
Kate Hayes
Took a month, company non responsive

Month to arrive, non responsive customer service

The Sticks
Mary Tillotson
I never received the order.

That was really the only problem. I paid for it and it never arrived.

The Classic
Homemade Popsicles !!

I love mine so much, this one is a gift along with healthy ingredients to make delicious, organic popsicles. The components are easy to use as is the simplicity of making the popsicles.

Satisfied with product

We're satisfied with the product, but it would have been nice to know ahead of time that delivery would take a long time.

The Frisky

I still haven’t received my item. The tracking hasn’t updated since the initial shipping email was sent over 3 weeks ago.

The Classic
Kimberly Jensen
These are the best!

These are amazing popsicle molds! I was worried about the silicon being too flimsy, but it is actually perfectly flexible. There is a good support to help them to stand and to be able to transfer non-frozen popsicles to the freezer without making a mess. If I push on the silicon and pull on the stick with just the right amount of leverage, they come right out (I mean, with about 30 seconds of maneuvering). I've not tried filling my sink with hot water to soak them in because I can just pull them out. I think the only things I would say were negative qualities are how big they are. They are as big as classic popsicles, which are just a little too big for my kids. When I buy another batch, I'll buy the smaller ones. It also took about 2 weeks to arrive, but I had seen a different review mentioning that and so it wasn't too big of a deal for me.

The Classic
Jeremy Wharton

Just what I hoped they'd be. Have used them and washed them and there are no complaints at all. Thanks!

The Classic
wendy barnes

Have not arrived.

The Rookie
Janet W
Not Entirely Silicon

After reading their whole website article about the benefits of silicone vs plastic for the environment, I thought surely that meant this product would also be entirely silicone, but I also harbored some definite doubts. I ended up buying it anyway after not receiving an answer to my inquiry for a few hours due to impatience and, of course, soon after purchasing, I received confirmation that the sticks are made out of plastic.

The silicon mold part of the product seems durable and pretty well made, but the sticks being plastic rather disappoints me, especially as they are on the flimsy feeling side and are not interchangeable with wooden sticks due to the design. Were it not for the serving size on the larger set with the wooden sticks being bigger than I like, I would have just bought those to begin with knowing what I do now, but since I have these, I'll just make do with the plastic sticks as it works fine, just leaves me with some mixed feelings.

The Classic
Kathlyn Redlick
Great Product!

I did lots of research to find popsicle moles that were reusable, sturdy, and a decent size as well. This product is great! I’ve been making popsicles since the day it came in!

The Classic
Sandra Bush
Great and strong popsicle mold.

The material (silicone) is strong, frozen treat is a little difficult to remove. The shipping was slow (came from China, didn’t know that ahead of time). But I’m very satisfied.

The Frisky
Jill Paterno
Cute and easy to use

Cute popsicle mold

The Classic
Stephanie Liebert
Lid is not atall secure

Seems good and I am happy but I find it odd that the lid has no proper seal - it just sits on the top. Have not used yet but feel this could make spillage more likely. Is this usual, or did I receive a dud?

The Classic
Serena Ravenscroft

Haven’t received it yet!

The Rookie
kathy simpkins

The Rookie

The Frisky
Healthy popsicles

This is a great way to make healthy popsicles for my grandbaby. He loved them and the size is just perfect!

The Frisky

These are perfect for my teething 7 months old. The silicone is very easy to work with and clean.

The Funnel
very helpful

The funnel prevents making a mess when filling the popsicle molds. It is collapsible and super easy to clean.


Super easy to fill the molds with the help of the funnel. Very easy to clean


This is a great alternative to store-bought popsicles. I use these molds to make fruit smoothie pops for my kids and the absoluetly love them!

Do the job

These are great and I love that they can go through the dishwasher. Pro tip: As an adult avoid making eye contact with other adults while eating out of this thing, it's gonna be awkward lol

Work perfectly

They are exactly as described.


Does what it's supposed to

freezy pops

freezy pops came out great

The Bold
Exceeded expectations

These molds are so easy to use. It was my first time making cakesicles. I made them with a chocoalte coating and they were delicious.

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